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We ARE in this together -

the therapists thoughts about what we are going through...

Those are not just words to me. We are all having our own personal experiences in unprecedented times. I love the message here! Your experience

is valid - whatever you may be feeling. This journey is personal and it okay if your storm is a "damn hurricane". 

What if Online Counselling seems awkward to me?


I get it - Online counselling, like anything we haven't done before can feel intimidating. I struggled with it myself  deciding it was a necessary step. To make it easier, here's what you can expect to happen if you were to make an remote appointment. 

1) We book a mutually workable time for you and me

2) I email you access to a document entitled, 'Informed Consent' for you to read over and sign (it's securely returned by email to me automatically)

3) 30-45 minutes prior to our session, you send an e-transfer for the agreed upon amount for the session (credit card payment is also accepted in the session if e-transfer is not an option)

4) Prior to session I send a link to your email to click to enter the virtual waiting room, until I let you in. I will also send a document that offers tips to help with ensuring a good online session 

5) First session proceeds much as it would if we were in person, me learning about who you are and the primary reason for deciding to engage in counselling

6) You leave the session feeling proud of yourself for following through with something that was not comfortable! 

What if I'm still nervous about online counselling? 

That's ok! You can feel nervous and STILL do what you know is best for you - you do it all the time. 

PLEASE feel free to reach out to me and have some of those anxieties put to rest, the whole point of this process is putting you at ease and helping you feel better! 

If you still can't imagine yourself reaching out for counselling, please feel free to access the resources below created specifically to help you manage in these uncertain and anxiety inducing times.

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