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I am a mother of five children and have faced many of my own challenges along life's journey. I have been passionate about psychology and counselling for as long as I can remember but took my time attaining my goal of becoming a Master's level counsellor. I embrace an optimistic outlook on human functioning and success, believing that we are all driven by a need to grow and become better throughout our lives. Some of us though, are held back by the family dynamics we grew up in, by our fears, or by simply not knowing where to start. From this perspective, my purpose is to simply help you tap into the internal strengths you already possess but are finding difficulty connecting with. I count it an honour to be invited into the stories of others, and look forward to sharing in your journey as you take a more active role in directing the storyline.

My belief is that each and every one of us will face challenges and tests at some point in our lives. I also believe that it is not the challenge that defines us but how we respond. Within every challenge also lies an opportunity. Success, counter to the definition widely offered as, "the favourable outcome of 

something attempted", in my opinion, has more to do with the approach to the challenge than the outcome. In our society, the marker of success is often connected to some externalized result. My idea of success has more to do with internal strengthening and growth.